What Is A Compassion Strategist?

It's Like Being Sherlock Holmes

For those who don't know, Sherlock Holmes is a mystery novel series based on the fictitious character of the same name, brought to life by author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Mr. Holmes is portrayed as a brilliant private detective in London, during the late 1800's who was often called upon by Scotland Yard, British law enforcement, to consult on murders and other violent crimes that regular detectives and other investigators couldn't solve.

What makes him so special is his unique powers of perception and deduction, along with his knowledge in forensic science, forensic psychology, and deductive reasoning, which bordered on supernatural.

The Art Of Emotion Investigation

As an emotion investigator, my job is to teach my clients how to solve the mystery of interpersonal interaction, by understanding two elements of communication: understanding and alignment

With understanding, you are attempting to decipher the emotions of your counterpart (the person/people you interact with), which can also give insight into what they are thinking.

With alignment you are attempting to convey the right balance between your competence (how capable, reliable, and powerful you are) and your compassion (how approachable, friendly, and trustworthy you are), so you have the right alignment with your counterpart.

When you master these two elements, you will be able to anticipate the emotional reactions of your counterparts, provide the assurance they need that you are work investing their time in and create connections that make everyone feel like they are understood, respected, and valued.

Why I Focus On Emotion In Business

People Identify Themselves By Their Most Successful Quality

Most entrepreneurs I work with are tied to the systems they use, the processes, and the actions that move the needle of progress and success.

This is important, as it gives tangible indicators to the health of a business, especially when you look at the money coming in vs the money going out.

What is often overlooked is the connection we create with the people we are doing business with, whether it's doing a deal, working with a vendor or supplier, interacting with a customer, or dealing with an employee.

Business only exists because there are people to do business with, which makes the people we interact with the most important part of business.

Emotion Drives Positive Reciprocity

When you create an emotional connection with your counterpart, a deep & meaningful connection, they begin to feel like they belong with you, which inspires them to feel like they can trust you.

This is called positive reciprocity, the act of performing a kindness for someone and having the irresistible urge to return the kindness in return.

The more trust your counterpart puts in you, the more you can rely on them to help you succeed in achieving your goals and getting the results you want for yourself, because your success also includes the success of others.

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